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StressedOutOwning a pool is a lot of work! Especially when you factor in everything else that you have to do during the week, eg: your regular job, take care of the kids – need I say more. It is another activity that must be added to the list of stressors that is already too long.

Your pool needs TLC on a weekly basis to maintain peak performance. When everything is running in proper order you are saving money on electricity, part replacement and repair.

This is where Crowe Pool Service comes to the rescue. Our weekly pool service is the solution to a less stressful and more cost effective pool. We have listed 5 reasons our service plan will make your pool the escape to paradise you imagined when you purchased it in the first place.

1. Balanced Water – Every week we use your water and a test kit to check for proper sanitizer levels, pH, calcium, and total alkalinity. When all of the levels are in the proper range your pool’s finish and equipment are protected from damage.
2. Chemical Service – In addition to maintaining the levels mentioned above, we will also add Algaecide, phosphorous treatments and enzymes based on the conditions of your pool. When algae, phosphorous and contaminates susceptible to enzymes are removed the chlorine can perform maximum water sanitization.
3. Vacuum Pool & Spa – Doing this weekly will keep your water clear and allow your sanitizer to work at its full potential. When your chlorine is attacking leaves at the bottom of the pool all week, it is not serving its intended purpose.
a. Note: We use a portable vacuum system, which draws the debris into its own bag and not into your filter. This gives your filter a longer life and saves you money.
4. Brush Tile & Walls – Preventing algae growth, scum line formation and calcium buildup at the water line and on walls keeps your pool looking so fresh and so clean.
5. Pump and Filter Inspection – Rather than charge you for a new filter every few months whether it is needed or not, we take the time to inspect and clean the filter each week. There will be a time that you must have a replacement, but we will not replace a filter that is still good just because it has been a few months and we can.

We will make it our priority to save you money with honest and complete service every week. All of the normal chemicals for sanitization, pH, and alkalinity control are included in your monthly rate. They are brought each week to the pool, so that you do not have to store them at your home.

For this type of service, guaranteed, contact Crowe Pool Service today. If you’re already a customer, thanks! Reviews are welcome on Google, Facebook, the blog, to your friends in the neighborhood,, and anywhere else the public can see them.

If you have any questions or would like a further explanation about our service please post a comment and we will be happy to get you an answer.

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Ryan currently resides in St Augustine where he is co-owner of Crowe Pool Service.

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