Eliminating Algae Once & For All!

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Algae are one of the most frequent and annoying problems in swimming pools.  Some pools have constant battles with algae, while others remain free and clear.

The most common types of algae found in swimming pools are:Algae Monster

  • Green - can grow on the pool surface or be free floating in the pool water
  • Yellow (mustard) – a frustrating powder like algae that clings to the pool surface
  • Blue-green – thrives on phosphates in the water and is often mistaken for green algae
  • Black – small circular patches embedded into the pool surface and extremely difficult to remove

Listed below are conditions that help algae flourish:

  • Sunlight
  • Lack of Sanitizer – As we discussed in our previous post, sanitizer can be demanded by other factors such as organic matter in the pool and not be able to do its job effectively against algae.
  • Warm Water – Algae love warm water, so try to keep your water below 80˚ F (easier said then done in Florida Summer).
  • Rough Surfaces – Regular brushing, which is something Crowe Pool Service offers every time we service your pool, prevents algae from getting in these tough spots.
  • Poor Circulation – Some pool owners do not run their pool in the winter because they are not using it.  Some pools      also have “dead spots” where water circulation is very poor and algae grow happily.  Algae bloom in still water, so maintaining strong circulation and filtration year around is a must.
  • Nutrients  – Nitrates and Phosphates are tasty food sources for all strains of algae.  Phosphates come from fertilizers, swimmer waste, soaps, sunscreen, decaying vegetation, and other sources.

Killing Algae

In order to solve the problem of algae, you will need to avoid making the pool conditions favorable for algae growth, and consistently follow a regular maintenance program.  Crowe Pool Service offers dynamite services every time, NO shortcuts, to ensure that you pool stays free of algae.  Algae hate our weekly service program, which includes brushing, vacuum, filter cleaning, and sanitizer.  In addition, we add algaecide and chemicals that remove phosphates as part of our maintenance plan – all included in your monthly rate.

In conclusion, regular pool maintenance along with the proper chemicals will keep your pool algae free and ready to enjoy.



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