Do you want to remove ugly stains from your pool?

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Ink BlotYour backyard oasis is meant to be a relaxing and beautiful place for you to take pleasure in and unwind.  You have taken the time to make sure that every detail of your pool was to the exact standard you wanted with the perfect tiles, surface and water features to make your pool unique and to give it a high-end look.  Sadly, all of this beauty can be ruined with the development of stains on the pool surface or scale on the tile.

There are many conditions that can lead to pool staining, but they are typically caused by metals in the water or tannins from organic matter in the pool.  Metals can be introduced to the water in many ways.  They are prevalent in groundwater in many areas.  Metals can also enter the water through improper balance of your pool water causing corrosion of pool equipment.  Having a low pH or total alkalinity can lead to this equipment damage, which most commonly occurs in heaters, ladders and pool lights.  Crowe Pool Service will make sure that the water in your pool is in balance at all times, so you will not have to worry about the expensive costs of replacing equipment and removing the stains caused by the copper or iron that has entered the pool water.  It is also important to keep the water in balance, so that you are not allowing excessive amount of calcium or magnesium into the water.  Calcium and magnesium cause the pool to have hard water and this leads to scale on the pool surface and tile.

Your best bet against stains and scale is prevention.  Pool service the Crowe Pool Service Way is a surefire method to ensure against balance troubles that can lead to these unsightly problems.  Some pool companies will require you to bring water into their store to test the balance, then purchase a kit that will help you identify the type of stain you have. After that you go back to buy the proper treatment product.  Sounds like a lot of driving and too much work to me.

Crowe Pool Service will come to your pool, identify the stain and work on removal right away.  We want to make sure that you are getting hassle free service with as little cost and effort as possible for you, the pool owner.  We understand that you have busy lives, and the less driving you have to do the better.

In conclusion, a properly balanced and maintained pool is the best prevention for stains.  However, if you do need to remove a stain it is important to first identify what is causing the stain and then to make sure that you have the proper product and dosage to remove and prevent the stain.  Do not hesitate to call the professionals at Crowe Pool Service for stain removal and satisfaction.



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Ryan currently resides in St Augustine where he is co-owner of Crowe Pool Service.

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