About us

CGI-LOGO_bird-wordsWe are owner operated and take great pride in reliable, consistent, high quality work delivered by experienced technicians. As we do not support a pool construction division or retail store like so many of our competitors, we can attend to all of your pool and spa needs 5 days a week without distraction. This allows for faster response times and a better focus on maintaining a crystal clear pool or spa for our customers. A live person answers the phone during business hours, not a machine!

Crowe Group specializes in weekly service and pool openings (green to clean).
We would also be glad to help you with:

  • Leak detection
  • Energy-efficient pumps
  • Salt generators, ozonators and chlorine-free mineral systems
  • Heat pump heaters and solar heaters
  • Vinyl liner replacement
  • Safety covers and fences

Why Crowe Group?

Crowe Group offers our customers several advantages over the competition, which explains our ability to retain over 90% of our customers from one year to the next.

Because the business owners are in the field working alongside the pool technicians every day, there’s an attention to detail, accountability and timely responsiveness that’s missing at many of the larger operators.

Our staff is highly experienced and credentialed – most of the staff are either Certified Pool/Spa Operators (National Swimming Pool Foundation), Certified Service Technicians (Association of Pool & Spa Professionals), or both.

As we are not distracted with running a pool construction business or a retail store alongside our service division, we can focus 100% on pool care & maintenance.

Lastly, we are highly motivated to do great work because our name is on the company.