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Swimming pools are a big investment and can be a wonderful oasis for your home when properly maintained. Do you give your pool the attention it needs every week like the professionals at Crowe Group Inc.? We have been trained to provide you with the best service possible and have the knowledge to troubleshoot most situations that may arise with your system.

Chemical Service

We provide the necessary sanitizer for the pool each week, as well as monitoring and adjusting the pH level, if needed.

Brush Tile

This is essential to preventing algae growth, scum line formation and calcium buildup at the water line.

Vacuum Pool And Spa

Doing this weekly will keep your water clear and your sanitizer working to its fullest potential. We use a portable vacuum system which draws the debris into its own bag and not into your filter.

Inspect Equipment

We inspect the pump, filter and filter media each week. This enables us to find potential problems before they become uncorrectable. We can also recommend more efficient replacement equipment should the need arise.

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